Best Hospital IT Departments

Best Hospital IT 2016:  Kennedy Health System
By John Andrews 07:58 am November 01, 2016
A staff that is ‘crazy, busy’ is charged up by the results of a data transformation.
Best Hospital IT 2016: Mission Health System
By Jessica Davis 07:57 am November 01, 2016
A partnership with caregivers helps the North Carolina health system advance strategy.
Stamford Health Best Hospital
By John Andrews 07:54 am November 01, 2016
A focus on team building gives the HIT staff better partnerships throughout the health system.
Best Hospital IT 2016: Ochsner Health System
By Bernie Monegain 07:52 am November 01, 2016
Exciting programs at the Louisiana system will inspire patients to take charge of their health, making coordination and collaboration of IT and clinicians a must. It staffers enjoy the cutting-edge technologies needed to pull off those programs.
Best Hospital IT 2016:Phoenix Children's Hospital
By Bill Siwicki 07:51 am November 01, 2016
The work has changed from being seen as plumbers to become partners in re-engineering infrastructure.
Best Hospital IT 2016:  Phoebe Putney Memorial
By Bernie Monegain 07:48 am November 01, 2016
The Georgia hospital is looking to build on the foundation laid with a new Meditech EMR.
Best Hospital IT 2016: Inspira
By Tom Sullivan 07:45 am November 01, 2016
Developing apps that allow patients more control over their healthcare is a start; next are apps that capture wearable data inside the health system.
Best Hospital IT 2016:  St. Elizabeth Healthcare
By Jessica Davis 07:41 am November 01, 2016
The Kentucky system looks forward to building on top of the enterprise EHR and financial systems they've built.
Best Hospital IT 2016: Roper St. Francis Healthcare
By Mike Miliard 07:40 am November 01, 2016
New bolt-on 'niche functionality' offers both opportunities and challenges for the South Carolina hospital.
Best Hospital IT 2016: Mahaska Health Partnership
By Mike Miliard 07:37 am November 01, 2016
A small staff but big expectations means creativity is needed to put patients first at the Iowa hospital.