Best Hospital IT Departments

Hackensack Meridian JFK Health merger
By Beth Jones Sanborn 01:56 pm January 04, 2018
Both New Jersey health systems are winners of Healthcare IT News' 2017 Best Hospital IT Departments.
By Jessica Davis 06:55 am December 15, 2017
Staying focused on both patients and employees has made its EHR project not only easier, but enjoyable, too.
By Jessica Davis 06:54 am December 15, 2017
The latest technology is put to work improving patient care, reducing readmissions and improving the community.
By Jessica Davis 06:53 am December 15, 2017
An innovative spirit and a sharp focus on what children need is what makes this system a winner.
By Jessica Davis 06:52 am December 15, 2017
A massive EHR rollout and cutting-edge big data projects owe success to leadership and tactical workflow design.
By Bernie Monegain 06:49 am December 15, 2017
Data analytics and tight cybersecurity are among this Stage 7 hospital's highest priorities.
By Bernie Monegain 06:48 am December 15, 2017
CIO credits an atmosphere of respect for exceptional work on projects like an EHR rollout for satisfied IT pros.
By Bernie Monegain 06:47 am December 15, 2017
Merger with Hackensack Meridian Health opens new opportunities for patient care at population health management.
By Bernie Monegain 06:45 am December 15, 2017
The hospital works to foster a collaborative environment in which it doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, nurse or IT pro because everyone is “a Beebe.”
By Mike Miliard 06:43 am December 15, 2017
Cerner Oncology platform go-live, Stage 7 adoption and rolling out a 24/7 mobile app are all on tap this year.