By Healthcare IT News 12:37 pm October 24, 2016
Palmetto Health's Chief Value and Informatics Officer Tripp Jennings, MD, clears up some misunderstandings about analytics and big data.
By Healthcare IT News 11:51 am October 24, 2016
Where to start with an effective analytics program? A big staff and bigger budget are not prerequisites, says Karen Reff, manager of decision support at Union General Hospital.
Harun Rashid CIO Spotlight
By Eric Bailey 09:28 am September 06, 2016
Harun Rashid, CIO of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, describes how new patient engagement initiatives at his organization are helping patients, parents and care teams improve treatment plans together.
Tina Esposito Advocate Health Care
By Eric Bailey 01:45 pm July 18, 2016
Tina Esposito of Advocate Health Care discusses the basics of developing a big data strategy in healthcare, emphasizing the importance of aligning analytics strategies with overall business objectives and detailing her organization's experiences.
Esther Lee Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum
By Eric Bailey 03:18 pm July 13, 2016
Katrina Miller and Esther Lee of L.A. Care Health Plan discuss the challenges of comparing the data from those who fall into the newer Medicaid expansion population against other sets, and the importance of top level support in getting big data initiatives off the ground.  
Penn Medicine Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum
By Eric Bailey 09:21 am July 07, 2016
Penn Medicine's Associate CIO Christine VanZanbergen and Chief Data Scientist Michael Draugelis discuss the value of actionable analytics driven by the Penn Signals system.
By Healthcare IT News 11:50 am April 25, 2016
Mariann Yeager, Chief Executive Officer at The Sequoia Project, talks with Justin Barnes on HIMSS Radio about emerging trends at HIMSS16, especially around interoperability.
Blain Newton on Logic by HIMSS Analytics
By Healthcare IT News 08:58 am March 23, 2016
Blain Newton, EVP of HIMSS Analytics, opines on the role of health IT in shaping the future of healthcare and introduces Logic, a global healthcare market intelligence tool from HIMSS Analytics.
Clinical Spotlight on Healthcare IT News
By Eric Bailey 11:14 am March 17, 2016
Eran Bellin, MD, of Montefiore Medical Center, discusses the tools and methods the organization implemented to track and use information for driving better population health outcomes.
Rebecca Busch, CEO of Medical Business Associates and author of Leveraging Data in Healthcare
By Healthcare IT News 12:32 pm March 11, 2016
Rebecca Busch, CEO of Medical Business Associates and author of  Leveraging Data in Healthcare, describes how the expansion of the C-suite in healthcare helps to address the increasingly diverse needs of the business, including big data management.

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