By 01:54 pm July 26, 2016
An overview of the current Cloud market, with insights about transforming healthcare; the ROI of personalization technologies; and how innovative on-premise, cloud and hybrid data solutions can improve efficiency, care and outcomes.
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By 09:30 am July 13, 2016
In this eBook, industry leaders explore the four categories of digital health technologies—wearable fitness devices, clinical devices, sensors, and applications.
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By Validic 09:28 am June 22, 2016
As healthcare shifts more toward accountable care, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to quickly and securely access patient data to deliver more meaningful population management, patient engagement, and disease state analytics.
By 01:55 pm April 19, 2016
As health care moves toward value-based payments and accountable care, providers need better tools for population health and risk management.  Learn how and why predictive analytics can help lower costs while improving outcomes.
By 01:35 pm April 19, 2016
Ask most health care leaders what drives good patient outcomes and strong financial performance, and you’ll likely get the same answer: data, and not just any data. Learn how creating a foundation for actionable analytics provides the roots for success.
By Healthcare IT News 09:51 am January 13, 2016
Payment clarity is visibility into when and how much healthcare providers will be paid, by whom, and the ability to better navigate the many obstacles to payment. Learn how payment clarity can help your patients and your bottom line.
By Healthcare IT News 08:31 am January 13, 2016
With the changing landscape of healthcare comes a deluge of digital data and an opportunity to use it for improvements. Analytics can help make data meaningful in many ways: providing quality-related benchmarks and targeted metrics, predicting future
By Healthcare IT News 01:13 pm November 20, 2015
Today's analytics solutions can empower health professionals to generate actionable insights from the industry's rapidly growing data sources. This solutions brief shows how to pull together and utilize disparate data types in innovative new ways.
By Healthcare IT News 02:48 pm November 06, 2015
Under an emerging new model of advanced analytics, enabled healthcare clinicians, staff and executives are creating data-driven cultures that drive pervasive insights actionable against their clinical and operational goals.

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