05:46 pm November 20, 2019
To acquire and retain patients, health systems have to connect with their customers cost-effectively. And along the way, they need to detect and measure to what extent their marketing efforts are making an impact.
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12:00 pm November 20, 2019
Given the complexity of today’s healthcare landscape, it’s more important than ever to have real-time data to make informed decisions.  Lehigh Valley Health Network is using the power and intelligence of Tableau, the expertise of its Enterprise Analytics team, and the data of Epic to deliver fast, clear, and concise analysis that...
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05:04 pm November 08, 2019
Kaufman Hall has released its third annual survey of hospital and health system leaders on the state of performance improvement and cost transformation efforts within their organizations.
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10:00 am November 05, 2019
This webinar discusses how THR leverages the Alteryx Platform to scale analytics across their enterprise, expanding from 12 users to 115 analysts in less than a year, with measurable outcomes.
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By 01:00 pm October 30, 2019
Hospitals and health systems acknowledge the ability to provide personalized medicine is driven largely by a patient-centric culture supported by the right technology. To better understand how healthcare providers are approaching personalized medicine and leveraging subscription-based services to facilitate its delivery, HIMSS Media and GE...
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12:00 am October 30, 2019
Prognos manages the largest collection of clinical lab test records in the United States, with access to more than 25 billion records. From this data, they are able to get real-world insight to understand the journey and risk profile of patients, which they can translate into improved clinical practice and therapeutic development. To do this,...
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03:18 pm October 24, 2019
Over the past decade, changes in the healthcare landscape have squeezed margins, brought disruptors into the marketplace, and fundamentally changed how providers get paid.
Process automation
01:00 pm October 01, 2019
Today healthcare organizations and practitioners are facing tremendous pressure to reduce costs and waste while delivering greater value, such as quality, access, and care experience, to patients, payers, and employers. An explosion of data from EHRs, IT systems, sensors, and other sources promises insights into these challenges, yet strains our...
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01:00 pm September 23, 2019
Health care digitization has taken root, creating the ability to share and access vast amounts of data. A real-time health system of the future will be equipped to harness and convert data into actionable real-time information that enables new clinical, management and operational business capabilities through digital technology. In this session,...
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By 01:00 pm September 19, 2019
Approximately 30.3 million individuals in the United States have a Type II Diabetes (T2D), and more than 84 million, or 1 in 3, have pre-diabetes. In addition, between 60% and 75% of these individuals are likely to have Hypertension (HTN)1, which makes management of these conditions, complex and difficult. Studies have shown, however, that...