By 09:58 am October 10, 2017
Moving towards advanced clinical analytics, the healthcare industry is exploding with new information. This research paper illuminates why it is so important to have the proper infrastructure in place to satisfy the needs of both today and tomorrow.
By SCIO 02:00 pm August 30, 2017
As providers face the multitude of headwinds in front of them today – fee for service revenue shifts, MACRA payment structures, Medicaid funding decreases, increased commercial risk based on higher member out of pocket expenses, all of which impact the bottom line, etc.
By Intel 11:01 am June 27, 2017
Population health relies on health data collection and exchange, analytic capabilities and, more recently, the proliferation of connected health tools that generate individual health data. By integrating artificial intelligence and behavioral science, pop health programs hold great promise to target interventions based on the treatments,...
By 01:00 pm June 20, 2017
As the healthcare industry moves to implement precision medicine in care delivery, healthcare systems are analyzing massive volumes of data toward the goal of increasing the accuracy and speed of clinical care.
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By Intel 01:29 pm June 14, 2017
Learn the state of big data and analytics, including what's trending next and how leveraging data helped a quadriplegic regain his hand control.
By 01:00 pm June 07, 2017
As provider organizations continue on their journey toward value-based outcomes and reimbursement, such as MACRA, they face many critical decisions that will impact their business and patient outcomes.
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By Battelle 04:26 pm June 01, 2017
With 17,000 new cases of Spinal Cord Injury every year, what are the solutions to helping people living with paralysis regain more independence? The answers may lie in big data.
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By Battelle 04:24 pm June 01, 2017
To drive measurable improvement, hospitals need to turn quality indicator data into clear information and actionable next steps. Learn how analytical tools improve patient outcomes and reimbursement rates.
By 02:00 pm May 31, 2017
Master patient indexes (MPIs) and “enterprise” MPIs (eMPIs) aren’t cutting it anymore. The healthcare industry is long overdue for an MPI built from the ground up to solve its most pressing patient identity challenges.
By 12:00 pm April 11, 2017
Healthcare organizations are facing a fast growing data management challenge, with some estimates showing the amount of digital healthcare data growing at close to 50% of year and hitting 2.3 Exabytes by 2020.

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