By Healthcare IT News 09:57 am April 10, 2015
Six succinct chapter and infographics addressing new paradigms, predictive analytics, the "Internet of Things", cloud analytics, self-service BI, optimizing EMRs, and creating a data centric culture.
By Healthcare IT News 10:10 am February 27, 2015
Faced with reduced reimbursements, finance teams have made achieving bottom-line benefits of cost containment and process improvement initiatives a business imperative. To satisfy this imperative, they must improve budgeting and forecasting processes. Our e-book outlines 5 proven approaches for effective budgeting and forecasting compiled from top...
By Healthcare IT News 10:08 am February 27, 2015
Monitoring and managing the cost of patient care is top of the agenda for hospital CFOs, who are increasingly called upon to make data-driven decision-making. Take a fresh look at your cost-accounting procedures, and revamp your approach with our five strategies to make cost accounting a more strategic function.