By 02:00 pm February 27, 2018
Treating critically ill children with cardiovascular disease is a daunting challenge for physicians, clinicians and nurses today.
By 01:00 pm February 21, 2018
This webinar will talk about the issues healthcare organizations typically face in their cloud journey, including HIPAA security, ROI, governance, lack of expertise etc., and present some best practices on how to address these issues with Azure. In addition to real-life case studies, CitiusTech will also present a framework for tackling similar...
By 01:00 pm February 15, 2018
Join thought leaders at the Mayo Clinic and UCSF as they peer into their crystal balls to predict what trends will have the biggest impact on imaging this year, explore best practices around imaging informatics, and how to optimize technology to deliver the best patient care.
By 10:50 am February 02, 2018
To help curb the alarming number of annual deaths and billions of dollars spent related to poor medication adherence, this paper offers analytics showing the effectiveness of engaging with certain Medicare Advantage members through texts and emails.
By Healthcare IT News 01:00 pm February 01, 2018
A fragmented healthcare delivery system is widely acknowledged as a barrier to delivering high quality, cost-effective care.
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By Commvault 02:16 pm January 23, 2018
In blind surveys and in-depth interviews, HIMSS Analytics asked IT personnel about their current cybersecurity measures.
By Intel 01:00 pm December 14, 2017
Healthcare systems have been adapting to the need to analyze an unprecedented amount of data. The improvements to care delivery and cost have been well-documented, justifying this investment. Now, the arrival of precision medicine applications represents a new challenge. During this period of transition, healthcare IT managers will face the...
By 01:00 pm December 05, 2017
Network reliability and availability of fiber-based services are acknowledged as key contributors to success at rural healthcare organizations adopting new care delivery models, but these same organizations also acknowledge challenges with funding and clinician buy-in in their efforts to enhance healthcare delivery.
By 11:27 am October 30, 2017
To improve patient care, efficiency and compliance across all healthcare services, both operational and analytical business processes must be digitized and constantly refined, augmented and implemented with minimal impact to existing IT resources.
By 05:01 pm October 25, 2017
Implementing the right IT infrastructure can help healthcare organizations provide real-time healthcare delivery. This infrastructure needs to connect care team members and provide the right data to the right patient at the right time.

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