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By 02:00 pm March 20, 2019
As the volume of healthcare data grows so do the challenges healthcare providers are facing analyzing that data to improve the speed of decision making, transform operations, and deliver value to patients.
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By 09:12 am February 13, 2019
The current era of healthcare technology is marked by a need for problem solvers and professionals who can work with data and the information technology used to mine it. To provide students with relevant knowledge and develop their skills for the future, innovative educators have devised ways to give students an experience that will fuel their...
Doctors looking at a monitor.
By 12:00 pm February 04, 2019
How to move from being "data aware" to data-driven, moving beyond data gathering, to intelligent insight, to action.
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By SCIO 03:01 pm February 01, 2019
A strong process for ensuring accurate documentation and risk-adjustment coding ensures that a high quality of care is being maintained for all patients and that providers are being properly reimbursed for delivering that care. This whitepaper examines the challenges and needs in more detail, as well as demonstrating how using the right data...
By 02:00 pm January 24, 2019
Kaiser Permanente generates vast data assets across clinical care, healthcare delivery operations, insurance, and more. This session covers two journeys with self-service visual analytics within KP: medical imaging and kidney disease care. Both teams use analytics to empower hundreds of clinical and operational users across Southern California to...
By 12:00 pm January 22, 2019
Data is transforming how we understand and deliver healthcare to patients and members. As consumerism in healthcare and life sciences grows, so does the expectation that organizations leverage new digital technologies to create better patient and member experiences. And an increasingly interconnected healthcare ecosystem requires integrated and...
By Hyland 02:00 pm January 17, 2019
The role that Artificial Intelligence is starting to play in the analysis of medical images is transitioning from one of controversy and the threat of displacing radiologist’s jobs to one of being a critical advance in helping them meet the demand for timely and accurate analysis of ever-more prevalent and complex imaging studies. This...
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By 03:26 pm January 07, 2019
Healthcare data is notoriously difficult to access, and more often than not, inaccurate. This animated four-minute video features a next-generation data warehouse and application development platform that provides access to complete, actionable healthcare data.
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By 03:25 pm January 07, 2019
Though the public cloud makes it incredibly easy to spin-up an incredibly rich IT infrastructure, the vast majority of the long-term costs and challenges with scalability reside in the data curation and API layers that reside on top of the infrastructure. Thus the allure of the public cloud may be "clouding" the long-term awareness of...
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By 02:11 pm January 07, 2019
The big issues impacting healthcare—such as rising costs and decreasing margins—revolve around healthcare IT. And though the data produced from EMRs may be plentiful, this whitepaper posits that Meaningful Use has broken its promise to support improvements through ready access to that data. A data-first analytics and application...

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