By 05:03 pm August 16, 2019
As compared to those in other industries, healthcare organizations face the unique, unenviable challenge of protecting sensitive data from threat actors while also needing to provide ready access to clinicians and patients. 
By 03:49 pm August 16, 2019
Because healthcare organizations provide life and death services in time-sensitive environments, healthcare IT security personnel are always under extreme pressure to keep systems  running, making it possible for cybercriminals to confidently mount denial-of-service or ransomware attacks.
Doctor looking at a medical imager.
By 05:32 pm July 22, 2019
This whitepaper articulates how healthcare industry leaders are deploying self-service visual analytics across clinical, operational, and revenue cycle management (RCM) processes and use cases, to enable superior patient outcomes with higher quality of care delivery at a lower cost of care—delivering measurable value across the data-driven...
Data ideagram.
By 05:30 pm July 22, 2019
Healthcare analytics plays a key role in the transformation to a pay-for-performance model, demanding a fundamental evolution of provider business strategy. This whitepaper explains some of the key analytics trends in healthcare that are expected to drive innovation and value for all concerned, including how self-service visual analytics helped.
Data illustration.
By 07:07 am July 16, 2019
Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS) is a large integrated healthcare system consisting of eight hospitals, a statewide health plan and a growing multi-specialty medical group. Over years, PHS has made significant investments in operational technologies and such technology footprint has led to system specific reporting tools and vendors for each...
Doctor using smartphone.
By 12:00 pm June 18, 2019
As the adoption of consumer and medical-grade home health tools continues to grow, so too does the role of patient-generated health data (PGHD) in the shift to value-based care. Whether this information is generated via health apps, digital health devices, remote patient monitoring tech or the widening array of sensors finding their way into...
Whitepaper cover.
By 03:51 pm June 06, 2019
According to a report from EMC, the volume of healthcare data is expected to increase 48 percent annually. Healthcare organizations are spending considerable time, money, and effort producing and collecting this "tsunami of data." But what actionable insights can be gained from it all? This whitepaper describes the important steps...
Healthcare Data
By 01:00 pm May 31, 2019
Decentralized healthcare data needs to be secure and connected to enable the next generation of patient care. In this webinar, we will explore the importance of creating a flexible, digital foundation to support a host of use cases made possible by emerging technologies. Hear from HPE experts about real-world examples of how blockchain and...
Whitepaper cover.
By 05:16 pm May 16, 2019
How can we begin to leverage the modern ecosystem of powerful data assets to create "smart" health tools that show improved clinical outcomes, all while ensuring privacy and security? This guide walks through a framework to identify the key considerations associated with collecting, analyzing, identifying, and providing relevant,...
Pharmacist assisting senior customer.
By 01:00 pm April 30, 2019
To provide hospitals and health systems with new insight into the state of medication management, BD has partnered with HIMSS to introduce the Medication Management Technology Index. The Index provides a benchmark for healthcare providers to assess their medication management progress against industry and market norms while trending changes over...

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