The new normal(ize): A primer on patient data standardization
05:37 pm March 25, 2021
The healthcare industry is awash in data from a variety of sources and a multitude of care and service processes. Harnessing data’s amazing potential cannot be done without effective, reliable & scalable data normalization. Learn what that means, what the primary obstacles are and how fully maximized data sets improve service and care.
Building a Genomics Data Lake in Azure
05:31 pm March 05, 2021
Since the human genome was first drafted in 2001, the scale of genomic data being produced has grown exponentially. To properly process, analyze, sequence, and store genomic data, research organizations need a secure platform capable of automation and collaboration on a huge scale. Learn why research organizations are embracing a cloud-based data...
Developing an Inpatient Virtual Care Strategy
03:23 pm December 16, 2020
COVID-19 made clear that hospitals and health systems require a comprehensive digital strategy to overcome the urgent and specific challenges of providing inpatient care during public health crises.
Data network ideagram
By 02:57 pm September 24, 2020
In this session, experts from three large Integrated Delivery Networks – Ascension, Intermountain, and Mass General Brigham – offer a resounding yes. The panelists will describe how data flows across multiple facilities, software systems and devices, while ensuring their organizations can continue to grow and scale a connected...
Businessman talking
01:00 pm August 18, 2020
Register for this webinar to hear from Virginia Jones, PhD, Chief Operating Officer at Village Family Dental, as she discusses how they increased efficiency to ensure optimal staffing levels.  We’ll also discuss how you can gain the visibility to respond faster to economic turmoil, while prepping for future growth.
Nurses talking to Doctor
By 01:00 pm July 22, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the medical field's need for intuitive Knowledge Discovery Systems, capable of answering patient-asked or clinician-asked COVID-19 questions with a high degree of statistical accuracy. One of HPE's many contributions to the COVID-19 relief effort included a new AI-driven Schema-less Data Mining pipeline,...
Doctors looking at a laptop.
01:00 pm July 14, 2020
In the world of healthcare, technology is often viewed either as an enabler or a barrier. For many healthcare IT departments, using digital technology to transform the patient and clinician experience sits atop their wish lists and roadmaps. But modernizing antiquated hospital technology systems isn’t as simple as creating your own mobile...
Whitepaper cover.
07:08 pm June 26, 2020
As businesses continue to grow their infrastructure and operations, IT teams need the ability to extend their data center to the public cloud in a coherent and consistent manner to support business growth. The public cloud offers many advantages to organizations worldwide, such as:  
Whitepaper cover.
07:07 pm June 26, 2020
Customers worldwide are expecting more – faster delivery of goods and services, and an enhanced user experience. However, it is becoming more difficult for organizations to keep up, especially with the constraints the traditional data center brings. Industries are challenged with addressing surges in capacity, leading to downtime, which can...