By 02:47 pm February 11, 2020
A survey of IT professionals identified major barriers to innovation — including finding the time to introduce new technologies while occupied with supporting the current ones. 
By Healthcare IT News 03:20 pm July 22, 2015
How's this for big data? This chart visualizes every visit for each of nearly 30,000 patients in an ACO, showing the quantity of data that accrues over the course of a year as the episodes of care add up.
By Healthcare IT News 05:40 pm June 04, 2015
This infographic draws upon the unified clinical and claims data warehouse of Arcadia Healthcare Solutions to show the quantity of data available for 500 patients.
By Healthcare IT News 10:15 am May 05, 2015
Based on de-identified claims and EHR data of more than 10 million people, this infographic from Arcadia Healthcare Solutions shows a decade-plus of diabetic patient data, normalized to show the movement of various states of severity and control of the condition.
By Healthcare IT News 09:57 am April 08, 2015
Representing analytics data mined from an electronic health record, this chart shows the daily technology interaction of a typical physician and her staff: 24 patient visits over 16 hours for a total of 2,541 clicks.