Accountable Care

By 03:42 am August 28, 2019
NetApp is focusing on the citizen's data fabric, which empowers them to stay in control of their data wherever they would like to store it, says Philippe Wackers, the company's EMEA healthcare innovation manager.
By HIMSS TV 07:48 am August 20, 2019
Big tech platforms and entrepreneurs are looking at the new type of tech in messaging, monitoring and managing systems, says Matthew Holt, digital healthcare expert and president of
By HIMSS TV 08:35 am August 19, 2019
Bringing clinical staff in at the ground level ensured analytics tools were properly deployed for the ACO's success, according to Bill Gillis, CIO, and Dr. Sarika Aggarwal, CMO at Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization.
By 01:30 pm June 25, 2019
Elena Bonfiglioli, Microsoft's regional business leader of Health and Life Sciences at EMEA, says empowering clinicians through collaboration and coordination is at the core of improving outcomes through personalized care.
By HIMSS TV 01:27 pm April 11, 2019
New Mexico Hospital Association is pushing data to clinicians so they have informed conversations with patients — rather than operating like TSA agents, says Beth Landon, the organization’s director of policy. 
By HIMSS TV 12:06 pm April 03, 2019
The move to value-based care is a long journey, says David Chou, VP and principal analyst of Constellation Research, who discusses looking at tech mega-trends through a healthcare lens to operationalize them. 
By HIMSS TV 11:13 am March 19, 2019
The city's health strategy has ambitious goals, including transforming delivery models without overburdening or burning out clinicians, says Mazin Gadir, senior consultant and advisor with the Dubai Health Authority.
By HIMSS TV 09:04 am March 11, 2019
Rebecca Kaul, Chief Innovation Officer at MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses using technology to give your patients your best, rather than leading with innovative tech that doesn't always solve the big problems.
By HIMSS TV 06:28 pm January 17, 2019
(Sponsored) Blockchain has huge potential to ensure different parties work together and collaborate to deliver high-quality care for patients by providing the optimum platforms for care providers, says Ali Rizwan, product manager for
By HIMSS TV 06:22 pm January 17, 2019
(Sponsored) The AMA's award-winning tools help alleviate the problem of physician burnout, improving clinical workflows and removing patient-care barriers, says Laurie McGraw, SVP of Health Solutions at the AMA.