Accountable Care

01:34 pm May 06, 2016
This infographic addresses the key components of the Healthcare IT environment, the six critical risks for Healthcare IT today, and the tools that are available to ensure that the Healthcare IT foundation remains stable.
11:39 am May 03, 2016
This informative case study details how a regional hospital used customizable, evidence-based plans of care to consistently eliminate blood stream infections, which could otherwise result in prolonged hospitals stays, increased costs and even death.
06:18 pm May 02, 2016
This case study shows how one hospital was able to overcome negative perceptions and improve adoption by introducing evidence-based plans of care. A cross-departmental team developed a holistic approach using electronic collaboration tools.
05:10 pm May 02, 2016
This focused infographic shows how organizations using evidence-based plans of care have already experienced positive clinical results, sharing significant statistics throughout the patient experience.
06:12 pm April 15, 2016
Patients without a coded diagnosis, cost health care providers significantly, according to a new study. Discover the results of that study, and solutions to improve patient care and financial viability.
06:31 pm April 08, 2016
Today’s healthcare organizations need to have a 360-degree view of the patient and use that data to drive value.  They need systems that go beyond EMR information and provide patient trends and behaviors that can improve the patient experience.
03:48 pm January 26, 2016
Learn how Medical Center Health System identified patients at high risk for readmission, and how by tracking these patients' experiences, they were able to analyze the effect of transitional care on readmission rates as well as patient satisfaction and overall costs.
By Healthcare IT News 03:34 pm December 21, 2015
Marketing is evolving as healthcare marketers strive to implement highly targeted communications for personalized patient care. The need to improve quality, provide a better patient experience, and reduce costs is compelling healthcare organizations to reinvent their patient engagement programs. Reaching today's tech-savvy patients and physicians...
By Healthcare IT News 10:39 am December 15, 2015
Learn to drive supply compliance and promote new savings through the first product based procurement suite with your own perpetually cleansed item data to help find compliant items with the ease of online shopping.
By Healthcare IT News 10:06 am November 19, 2015
Medicare began paying primary care physicians via CPT code 99490 for non-face-to-face care management. This is based on a recent nationwide survey to ascertain CCM program awareness, current and expected future participation& adoption strategies.