Accountable Care

Doc with device
By Tom Sullivan 10:35 am February 18, 2015
Pulling together analytics, population health functions and care coordination, Virtual Health's new platform overlays existing silos to help organizations better manage cost-sharing.
Open door
By Brian Ahier 10:04 am February 18, 2015
While the collection and sharing of health data has yet to significantly impact care cost or quality, it has laid the foundation for the move toward population health management. The future for health IT starts now.
Katrina Keefer Belt
By Mike Miliard 10:43 am February 17, 2015
More and more providers are deploying clinical and business intelligence tools to help care for patients and optimize operations, but fewer have yet taken the plunge into predictive analytics. One hospital is glad it did.
Young people on phones
By Mike Miliard 10:26 am February 13, 2015
Despite ubiquitous information technology, patients and physicians still overwhelmingly rely on "tried-and-true" modes of communications, such as phone calls and in-person consults.
data servers
By Chris Nerney 10:58 am February 10, 2015
Big data tools and techniques are enabling providers to glean information from more and more sources. The challenge is analyzing it all and understanding how to put it to work improving processes and care.
By Frank Irving 04:38 am October 28, 2014
The healthcare breakthrough of the 21st century may not come in the form of a miracle drug from the pharmaceutical industry. Rather, it's more likely to emerge from the ways caregivers interact and motivate patients.
By Bernie Monegain 10:17 am October 03, 2014
Hill Physicians Medical Group, Dignity Health Medical Foundation and Dignity Health hospitals have launched an accountable care initiative, introducing the Aetna Whole Health product, designed for businesses with employees who live in California's Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Yolo Counties.
Independence Blue Cross
By Anthony Brino 10:38 am July 22, 2014
Hospitals participating in Independence Blue Cross' accountable care contracts are reducing costs, improving care and earning incentives, according to the Philadelphia-based insurer.
Obstetrics is one area in which ACOs can make a huge difference.
By John Andrews 10:56 am June 23, 2014
There are many dimensions to the Accountable Care Organization challenge, including the logistics of changing a well-established acute care model, the process of configuring the network, analyzing IT capabilities across the spectrum and determining how all those moving parts will work together.
By Erin McCann 10:56 am June 03, 2014
To move things forward, shake things up, embrace change, a strong leader proves essential. In healthcare, this leader is often the physician. From getting staff on board with health IT or adopting new value-based care models, physician leadership is key to success, particularly with accountable care organizations, a new study suggests.