By David Kibbe 11:02 am January 12, 2009
Yesterday we tried to put EHRs into perspective. They're important, and we can't effectively move health care forward without them. But they're only one of many important health IT functions.
By John Halamka 10:48 am January 12, 2009
I was recently asked about BIDMC's adherence to medication reconciliation, a Joint Commission requirement and a pay for performance goal for us. We have 3 major medication reconciliation workflows...
By Edgar D. Staren, MD 08:29 am January 08, 2009
Much has been written about the pros and cons of leadership teams composed of senior healthcare administrators and clinicians, but there is little debate that active involvement by both parties is essential to the successful management of the hospital organization.
By Jack Beaudoin 10:09 am January 07, 2009
It's the most wonderful time of the year - I'm referring to CES09 in Las Vegas. Since I've yet to convince my boss that our readers truly care about consumer gadgets, I can't go. But I can use my first blog entries to describe some devices and apps I'd like to see at the show.
By David Kibbe 06:39 pm January 04, 2009
The concept of participatory medicine is taking hold, fueled, at least in part, by what we see as two complementary forces, these being the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) and Health 2.0.
By John Halamka 02:24 pm January 04, 2009
When I lecture about the new generation of personal health records such as Google Health and Microsoft Healthvault, I emphasize that these applications are not covered by HIPAA.