By Will Weider 11:39 am February 23, 2009
I love traveling across the state of Wisconsin visiting the hospitals that I serve. But, I also appreciate those days when I get back to my desk. I tend to get a lot of deliverables completed on those days.
By Jane Sarasohn-Kahn 11:01 am February 23, 2009
“The world changed yesterday at 1 pm Mountain time," Steve Lieber, President of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), told over 1,500 attendees of a webinar on February 18. These new times, Lieber said, "will require our vendor community to react a little bit differently and change business practices."
By Neil Versel 09:30 am February 20, 2009
The lengthy criticism leveled at the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology just got a little lengthier, and we finally know the name of the critic.
By Chad A. Eckes 10:23 am February 17, 2009
Last month we discussed the process of selecting the correct healthcare software solution by utilizing a detailed analysis supported by quantifiable data. The next subject to consider is negotiating a solid contract.
By Neil Versel 09:46 am February 13, 2009
There's been a lot of talk about privacy protections, or lack thereof, in electronic health records, particularly in context of the economic stimulus proposal that includes $20 billion for health IT.
By John Halamka 09:44 am February 13, 2009
In an editorial I wrote this week for Health Affairs (to be published in the March IT issue), I emphasized the need for Regional Health IT Extension Centers - local support organizations that help doctors install electronic health records and use them to achieve improved quality, efficiency, and continuity of care.
By Manuel Lowenhaupt 04:22 pm February 12, 2009
We propose that our nation's responsibility to transform healthcare must involve much more than a massive investment in computerizing patients' medical records.
By John Halamka 07:06 am February 11, 2009
Today’s economic crisis has highlighted our need for breakthrough improvements in the quality, safety and efficiency of health care. The nation’s business competitiveness is threatened by growing health care costs, while at the same time our citizens risk losing access to care because of unemployment and the decreasing affordability of coverage.
By Will Weider 03:29 pm February 09, 2009
Annually I work with Ministry’s IT Customer Advisory Board (our IT Steering committee) to identify the IT projects for the coming year.
By David Kibbe 09:44 am February 09, 2009
Clinical Groupware is a departure from the client-server and physician-centric EHR technology of the past 25 years, a fixed database technology that never really became popular.