By Will Weider 03:16 pm March 09, 2009
The EHR incentives in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) will cause nearly every healthcare organization to tear up their IT strategy and plans.
By John Halamka 03:13 pm March 09, 2009
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act doubles the size of the healthcare IT industry. The details of the work ahead, how we'll organize to accomplish the work and who will do the work are still being developed. In the meantime, I'm getting involved in every discussion, debate, and brainstorming opportunity that I can to move the work forward.
By Matthew Holt 12:27 pm March 06, 2009
Today, late afternoon PST, Google flipped the switch on an important change/add to Google Health.
By Neil Versel 11:08 am March 04, 2009
The World Health Organization today put its global, biweekly "eHealth Intelligence Report" online. Right now, you can only get 2009 issues from the site, but the WHO is promising to have the archives, dating to 2005, up by April.
By David Kibbe 11:04 am March 04, 2009
Now that the legislative language of the HITECH Act -- the $20 billion health IT allocation within the economic stimulus package -- has been set, it's time to identify a National Coordinator (NC) for Health IT who can capably lead that office.
By Jay Parkinson, MD 04:15 pm February 26, 2009
Obama said he's appropriating $20 Billion dollars to the healthcare industry to encourage widespread adoption of electronic medical records. While this sounds like a phenomenal idea, it's not.
By Barry Hieb, MD 09:38 am February 26, 2009
The healthcare delivery system is complex in many ways that cannot be simplified. One aspect of healthcare delivery that can be simplified, however, is patient identification.
By John Halamka 09:32 am February 26, 2009
In yesterday's blog about novel data sources for quality measurement, I emphasized the need to embrace clinical data sets for measuring quality. To accelerate this effort, we must first develop a standardized quality data set (QDS) and identify healthcare workflow changes to enable automation of performance measures through electronic health...
By Andre Blackman 09:14 am February 26, 2009
So I just got back from a very informative and interactive event where I learned about the application of mobile technologies in creating social change. It’s here at this meeting of the socially-conscious minds and the focus of impact creating technology, that I began thinking about the real ways in which cutting edge tools are being used in the...
By Neil Versel 11:42 am February 23, 2009
Following a disappointing turnout at the 25th annual TEPR conference earlier this month, C. Peter Waegemann and Claudia Tessier are moving from the Medical Records Institute to the recently created mHealth Initiative, effectively ending the organization Waegemann founded in the mid-1980s.