By Neil Versel 09:15 am March 26, 2009
Personal health records firm MMR Information Systems and its MyMedicalRecords subsidiary have enlisted Former House Democratic Leader Richard A. Gephardt to spread the word about PHRs to the public, and, more importantly, help the company get its hands on some of the economic stimulus money.
By John Halamka 03:38 pm March 23, 2009
Now that Healthcare IT is part of the stimulus and newsworthy, I receive many questions from reporters about the fundamentals of healthcare IT. Here's a primer with the Top 10 questions and answers.
By John Halamka 10:29 am March 19, 2009
As I've mentioned in several blog postings, we're now living through one of the most exciting times in the history of healthcare information technology. With change comes controversy.
By Margalit Gur-Arie 11:19 am March 18, 2009
As part of a sweeping effort to address the woes of the current US economy, the government has placed $19 billion on the table for HIT, aimed at containing healthcare costs and creating new jobs.
By Chad A. Eckes 04:54 pm March 17, 2009
In 2005, after 13 years in the financial services industry, I migrated into the healthcare industry. I was about five weeks into my new career when a major network downtime occurred.
By Joseph C. Kvedar 02:51 pm March 16, 2009
The two biggest healthcare-related themes coming out of the Obama Administration these days are investments in HIT and payment reform.
By David E. Williams 11:55 am March 16, 2009
The New York Times reported this week that Wal-Mart's Sam's Club division will bundle eClinicalWorks electronic medical record software, Dell computers, installation, maintenance and training to offer to small physician practices.
By John Halamka 11:30 am March 16, 2009
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes numerous deadlines and milestones for technology. I thought it would be useful to provide a timeline for the work ahead.
By Neil Versel 11:33 am March 13, 2009
I have to say I'm bemused but somehow not surprised about the news that Wal-Mart Stores will sell EMRs at Sam's Club warehouse locations.
By John Moore 04:14 pm March 09, 2009
As most of you well know, a certain Calvin Jablonski liked to comment here at Chilmark Research taking some pretty hard shots at the EMR certification organization, CCHIT and the close relationship between CCHIT and the vendor organization HIMSS.