By Helen Figge 07:57 am March 25, 2013
At our Annual Conference held in New Orleans this year, a charismatic and energized speaker named Peggy Parks, professional career coach, gave a talk on personal branding and how to determine whether yours is “plugged or unplugged”.
By Angela Dunn 09:43 am March 22, 2013
One of the biggest trends for 2013 is wearable technology. Although the idea of wearing a device might make the average person feel like a cyborg, we are used to seeing doctors wearing devices.
By Brian Ahier 01:27 pm March 21, 2013
The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, chaired by Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), Tuesday kicked off the “Health Information Technologies” hearing series to discuss the critical role of technology in the health care industry and how federal regulations and taxes could impact patients, hinder innovation, and increase...
By Jeff Rowe 11:43 am March 21, 2013
As Robert H. Lorsch, MMRGlobal CEO, described the deal, "healthcare professionals nationwide can offer a PHR and receive ongoing residual income to help offset the high cost of HIPAA compliance and requirements of Stage 2 Meaningful Use under HITECH starting in January 2014."
By Tom Sullivan 08:28 am March 21, 2013
No easy answers this week on patient engagement, EHR usability, mobile health questions.
By Christina Thielst 10:07 am March 20, 2013
Imagine checking Facebook to identify the quality of care provided at your hospital or to assess patient satisfaction with the experience.
By Carl Natale 08:41 am March 20, 2013
The medical coder productivity loss during Canada's transition to ICD-10-CA is almost legendary.
By Carl Ascenzo 10:42 am March 19, 2013
Payers and providers are moving in the direction of more personalized patient care, and these five technologies are fueling that change.
By Jeff Rowe 10:09 am March 19, 2013
Beware, Big Brothers are watching!
By David Harlow 08:32 am March 19, 2013
The final question posed in the recent request for information posted by ONC reads as follows: What specific HHS policy changes would significantly increase standards based electronic exchange of laboratory results?

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