Welcome to the new HIMSS Analytics

We look forward to connecting with each of you soon to help shape the future of healthcare IT together.
By Blain Newton
08:45 AM

The last few years have brought about great change in healthcare IT. We at HIMSS Analytics have strived to help those in the industry, both providers and vendors, make sense of the transformation through our industry standard EMR Adoption Models (EMRAM & Ambulatory EMRAM), expansive data resources, and comprehensive suite of Advisory Solutions and Market Research.

As adoption of healthcare IT has surged, with more than 50% of US hospitals at EMRAM Stage 5 or above at the end of 2014 compared to 11% at the same levels in early 2011, the market is evolving further. Now that these IT systems are in place, leaders in the provider community are focusing on new challenges and pushing beyond adoption to optimization. To help the industry meet these challenges, HIMSS Analytics is evolving too.

Over the next several months you will notice significant changes happening at HIMSS Analytics, starting with our re-designed website. Our new site makes it easier to find the insights and information that you need to help make an impact in the market, make more informed procurement decisions, understand where the market is going, or gain an understanding of the market in general. It will also continue to be the place to find the leaders in EMR adoption – those healthcare organizations that have achieved EMRAM Stage 6 and 7 status.

This new web presence will also be the gateway to other exciting initiatives happening in coming months, including the release of a new Market Intelligence Solution to update the industry-standard HIMSS Analytics Database. This new solution represents the evolution of healthcare IT market intelligence and provides a new level of analytics capabilities beyond anything available in the market today. 

Our vision is that this solution will be the indispensable source of insights that drive better decisions – whether you are a hospital CIO looking to shape an IT optimization strategy or a software vendor executive focused on increasing market share – we will be the source of truth to inform your key strategic decisions.  We look forward to giving the market a sneak peek of our new solution at booth #3477 at HIMSS15 in Chicago.

We recognize that the future beyond adoption and towards optimization is uncertain and just as EMRAM provides a roadmap for adoption of healthcare IT, HIMSS Analytics is helping to provide guidance for what’s ahead through our DETLA-powered Analytics Assessment and Continuity of Care Maturity Model. These models lay the foundation needed to leverage information for improving outcomes in the healthcare delivery system today. They also set the stage for the further optimization of IT needed to realize the value latent in healthcare technology. Stay tuned to this space as we continue to expand our offerings to guide healthcare IT decision makers through an ever-changing future.

Beyond the technology changes and the expansion of our maturity models, the team at HIMSS Analytics is committed to continue strengthening relationships with our clients, partners, and provider-side professionals. In this light, you will see a renewed focus on service; we are humbled to play a part in your success in this challenging market and are excited to work alongside each of you to create positive outcomes. 

We look forward to connecting with each of you soon to help shape the future of healthcare IT together.

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