The Walking Gallery

By David Harlow
09:13 AM

I am proud to be a member of The Walking Gallery. If you are not familiar with Regina Holliday and her unique brand of healthcare activism, you should be. See her blog, and follow the links in the sidebar to more Walking Gallery details. By way of example, she has written a blog post describing each hand-painted jacket in the gallery and its connection to the wearer's healthcare story and his or her connection to health data liberation. You can start with her post about my jacket, Friendship Pins.

Check out the newly-released video about this ongoing project below, and join the movement:

The jackets are great, and the walker's pledge is to wear the jacket to healthcare conferences -- they're great conversation-starters -- and talk about health data liberation.

The jacket is the artifact that on the surface binds us walkers together.  However, at bottom: It's not about the jacket.

Kudos to Regina for leading and catalyzing an incredibly diverse group of people to do things none of us would have imagined doing before meeting her. The jacket is just the tip of the iceberg.