By Joyoti Goswami 01:00 pm June 04, 2021
While traditionally deeply skeptical of artificial intelligence in clinical settings, in today's fast-changing care delivery landscape many physicians are thinking more proactively about how AI can improve quality and patient experience.
By Joyoti Goswami 09:43 am April 15, 2021
The right technology applications can turn the COVID-19 vaccination program into a game-changer for the healthcare industry.
By Glenn Fala 03:26 pm April 06, 2021
The development of PennOpen Pass, a symptom tracker and exposure alert system, offers a lesson on how challenging factors can focus the mind, enabling development of new tools that meet communities' needs.
By Paddy Padmanabhan 03:09 pm March 18, 2021
With its promise of virtual care in all 50 states, this is the first time a big tech firm will be directly in the healthcare services business. Will it be another failed experiment, or the breakthrough we've been waiting for?
By Mike Draugelis 04:01 pm March 17, 2021
Health systems that refuse to see themselves as engineering houses risk falling behind in their ability to properly leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning.
By Sam Shah 06:05 am March 09, 2021
What still seems to be missing from the criteria is any assessment of the evidence of how well a product works and to what extent, says Prof Sam Shah, chief medical strategy officer, Numan.
By Bogi Eliasen 09:54 am March 03, 2021
A bold vision for data-driven Latin American health, illustrated by a Peruvian pilot.
By Armin Scheuer 10:12 am March 02, 2021
Germany will soon be embarking on a national project to assess the digital maturity of its 2,000 hospitals. If it focuses on understanding the impact on clinicians and patients, it can catch up with the world’s digital health leaders, says Armin Scheuer, VP international business development, HIMSS. 
By Ali Modaressi 03:32 pm February 04, 2021
As COVID-19 continues to surge in Los Angeles, LANES is enabling free-flowing data insights – medical, behavioral and socioeconomic ─ to close information gaps and improve clinical decision support for better outcomes.
By Louise Rains-Gomez 02:43 pm January 26, 2021
Compliance is a serious, enforceable matter – and must be properly addressed in the context of the workplace challenges and changes that have emerged amid the pandemic.