Time to cheat on ICD-10?

By Carl Natale
12:01 PM

Rhonda Butler, a Senior Clinical Research Analyst with 3M Health Information Systems, has a pretty good idea for physicians who dread the ICD-10 implementation.

Create an ICD-10 cheat sheet.

According to her, it shouldn't take more than a couple hours.

How? Everyone knows the ICD-10 code set is sooooo much larger than the ICD-9 code set.

Except physicians don't have to know every single diagnosis code. She recommends finding 80 percent of the diagnoses most commonly used in the practice and making a list of those ICD-10 codes.

I think it's a pretty good piece of advice for two reasons:

1. It will be a relatively quick way for physicians to get to know how the ICD-10 code set is organized.
2. It will become embarrassingly obvious why there really are not sooooo many new diagnosis codes.

Try it. Then tell me why I'm wrong. 

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