Sharpening Your Job Hunting Skills

By EJ Fechenda
08:32 AM

Searching for a new job is almost a full-time job in itself. There are thousands of job boards to choose from and then there are the profiles you have on professional networking sites that need to be updated (LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc…). This is just the beginning. If you sign up for all of these resources, they need cultivation and frequent maintenance (plus, you need to remember the user names and passwords for them all). 

Looking for a job doesn’t have to take all day and there are steps you can take to save time, narrow the search down to the jobs you want, and increase your knowledge about the market.

Select only the job boards which are relevant to your career focus; such as niche or association boards. Most job boards enable you to upload your resume. For example, with the HIMSS JobMine and Healthcare Finance JobSpot, resumes are confidential and employers have to submit a contact request. This is great if you are employed and aren’t ready to broadcast your intentions.

Sign up for job alerts through the job board you’re using. Job alerts are title or function specific and when a position is posted that fits your criteria, an email will be sent to you. Let the job boards do the legwork for you while you go to the beach or start writing your letter of resignation.

Twitter is a growing tool for both job seekers and recruiters alike. If you have a Twitter account, save searches for specific hash tags such as #healthcare, #jobs, #HIT, #HIM and refresh the search to see the latest tweets using these tags. This is a great way to search for job postings and related news.

Increase your knowledge about the industry. In addition to my recommendations about Twitter, subscribe to e-newsletters relevant to your career of choice. By receiving daily, weekly or monthly updates, you can stay informed on trends and other news regarding your industry. It’s important to stay abreast of current events as they may be directly or indirectly impacting your job search. The information can also make for good talking points during an interview.

Unfortunately there isn’t a magic combination to make that dream job land on your desk all wrapped up in a pretty bow, but by getting out there and keeping a focused search the process will go more smoothly.

E.J. Fechenda is the Audience Data Manager for MedTech Media. Since 2008 she has helped manage Healthcare Finance JobSpot and Healthcare IT JobSpot - now merged with HIMSS JobMine. She is not a Human Resources professional, nor a healthcare expert, but over the years she’s accumulated a lot of feedback and insight from both job seekers and employers alike. Each week E.J. will deliver a blog based on this information. One week will be employer focused and the next week, job seeker focused.