A makeover for wearables?

By Jeff Rowe
09:41 AM

“My, what a lovely FitBit you’re wearing!”

Okay, okay, that sounds a bit peculiar, but according to the New York Times, perhaps not for long.

“Until very recently,” the Times reported, “it was enough for a piece of jewelry to be beautiful, meaningful or both. Its utter lack of utility was beside the point. Over the past couple of years, however, a slew of wearable devices — be they fitness trackers like Jawbone, or Wi-Fi-enabled spectacles like Google Glass — have begun to compete with traditional jewels for space on the body.”

And that means, naturally, entrepreneurial jewelry designers are embracing the challenge of making that gadget designed to make you healthy make you look stylish, too.

“Tech companies are starting either to have a fashion-first mentality,” one trendsetter told the Times, “or to understand that fashion is just as paramount as technology.”

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