How retail can help healthcare succeed online

By Jeff Rowe
09:20 AM

Want to hook an online audience? Ask Amazon how to do it. That's essentially the advice one health IT stakeholder is offering his colleagues across the sector. As he sees it, there are three areas where lessons can be taken from retail and applied to, among other things, getting patients to make use of personal health records.

First, "make sure the online experience is providing the same quality of experience as a face to face physician visit, the same way online shopping provides as much of the same information as a store as possible."

Another area involves personalized information, including personal recommendations. "In retail it's been proven that a personal recommendation will actually make a consumer more loyal than giving them reward points," he says. Finally, an effective online healthcare experience "needs to take advantage of all opportunities for continuity between doctor visits and online experiences with the patient portal."

This post originally apeared on HIMSS Future Care.