How to help physicians survive the ICD-10 transition

By Carl Natale
10:37 AM

Minimize effort

No one has enough time. Physicians feel the time pressure even more. Break the training into small sessions that are easier to fit into busy schedules. Short sessions also will feel less daunting and boring.

Also minimize the amount of memorization required. The major knock on the ICD-10 code set is the number of codes. Mitigate that concern by requiring as little memorization as possible.

And if you're using physician trainers, sessions can focus on specialties. Physicians won't have to learn how to document diagnoses that they're unlikely to encounter.

Inoculate against disruptions

Physicians need to understand that efforts are being made to make the ICD-10 transition as easy as possible. If they can appreciate that accommodations are being made for their schedules and specialty, they will be more willing to learn.

And they are more likely to believe that their efforts will lead to fewer medical coder queries.

Which is the ultimate goal.

Queries will kill productivity for medical coders and physicians. It's time wasted for everyone if they can be avoided.

Train physicians to provide the detail that supports ICD-10 coding in a way that respects their time and expertise. Then they can respect and support the ICD-10 transition.

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