HITECHWatch Signs Off

By Jeff Rowe
10:27 AM

With this post, HITECHWatch is calling it a day.

Or, in the interest of journalistic accuracy, just a little over two years and two months.

In many ways, the decision to shutter this blog aptly reflects the reality of policymaking when it comes to a topic as multi-faceted and rapidly changing as health IT. When we launched, the goal was to provide stakeholders with ongoing insight into HIT policy discussions at both the state and federal levels. In particular, the focus was largely on the practical implications of the HITECH provisions of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

But a funny thing, or a number of funny things, happened on the way to the implementation of those provisions. Things like ACOs and ICD-10, to name just a couple big ones. Yes, there is the 800 pound gorilla known as Meaningful Use, but it has rapidly become clear to healthcare stakeholders and observers alike that MU is just one gorilla among many.

In practical terms, then, it has become increasingly difficult to determine which topic to approach from which angle, given that the goal all along has been to provide readers with information on policy developments that could ultimately impact their businesses.

One thing is certain: While changes in healthcare policy discussions may mean that HITECHWatch has run its course, the discussions themselves are bound to continue.

Thanks for reading.