Have an opinion on patient engagement? Please fill out our survey

By Eric Wicklund
09:40 AM

To some, the phrase "patient engagement" is the key to healthcare's gradual transition from bloated money-waster to the care delivery platform of the future. To others, it's fast approaching that pantheon of over-used phrases ("transparency," anybody?).

Whatever one's opinion, it's clear that healthcare's forward momentum begins with better communication between the provider and the consumer – and an ability by the provider to keep that communication going and make it meaningful.

It's a tricky process, and one that will soon be the focus of a HIMSS Media project.

To figure out how we should approach patient engagement, we're asking our readers to fill out a short survey. In doing so, you'll qualify to win a Kindle Fire HD.

You can access the survey here. All responses will be kept confidential – as will your contact information, if you choose to provide it.