The Digital World - A HIMSS Perspective

By Helen Figge
07:35 AM

We all realize that technology is in constant evolution and we are all bringing mobile devices into our everyday existences like never before. Mobile devices and sensors and anything else in support of best practices and quality healthcare practices are in play today.  During this past holiday season a family member was ill and I brought them to their physician for testing.  That same night, I got a text from the physician with the results.  At that instant I came to the realization of just how much our lives revolve around technology for everyday touch points.  So I learned something new – actually two things: technology processes do work if used correctly and technology systems are increasingly becoming more invaluable to our lives. So whether it is the computer, iPad, cell phone or anything else, we can be connected to something or someone 24/7.   We can get emails, instant messages and anything else out there with minimal effort.

But this onslaught of communication can also be distracting if not tempered with the knowledge of how best to use the various technologies and mobile devices in health care practice.  Experts state that it takes about 15 minutes to regain your focus once we get distracted from superfluous technology touch points.  So, it makes sense that it is all about understanding the mobile technologies and workflow.  HIMSS recognizes that mobile devices need to be better understood; and we need to continue the education curve in order to help shape not only our existences with these devices but, also to use these technologies in further support of  career growth.  Having the ability to understand these various technological mobile nuances and put them into perspective is invaluable.  Imagine being able to discuss in an interview your views on the various mobile aps in use today, their relation to workflow and even health exchange?  That would surely make for a great interview and demonstrate your technological bandwidth!

Enter the new mHIMSS initiative.  What is mHIMSS?  Well, it is HIMSS support of the globally-focused mobile initiatives which are offered by HIMSS. HIMSS created mHIMSS as a platform within the global mobile community to create positive transformational change in health and healthcare through the best use of IT.  mHIMSS has three areas of focus: technology, workflow and data exchange as they relate to promoting health and making care more accessible and increasing the cost-effectiveness of care.  If you would like to learn more about mHIMSS then visit

mHIMSS provides timely and insightful content related to current issues and trends and topics associated with mobile technologies and mHealth. And learning these mobile initiatives can further support the learning curve and your ability to understand the growing landscape of healthcare’s transformation.

If you register for the HIMSS Annual Event 2012 in Las Vegas, topics such as mobile devices will be in discussion so sign up now at

And remember...Be passionate about your career path and strive to make a difference and learn, learn...learn.  Technology is only the enabler; individuals will be the “transformers” of health IT in the years to come!

Helen Figge is Senior Director of Career Services at HIMSS.