Countdown to HIMSS Baylor Nursing Informatics Day

By Helen Figge
08:13 AM

The countdown begins for our Nursing Informatics Institute (NII) Day at Baylor Health Care Systems scheduled for Friday, September 28, 2012.  This is our first HIMSS Nursing Informatics Institute (NII) event held in the southern part of the United States and promises to draw from the surrounding landscape and states as well.  These NIIs are an opportunity for all to learn from the nation’s leaders in Nursing Informatics. The speakers are chosen specifically for their expertise and national presence in promoting nursing informatics; many have been the leaders helping to shape nursing informatics now and in the years to come.  HIMSS prides itself on supporting the various communities and the nursing community has been one such community growing and gaining momentum for several months now thanks in part to a top notch HIMSS Informatics team, headed by Joyce Lofstrom, HIMSS Vice President along with Christel Anderson, HIMSS Director and Jennifer Roniger, HIMSS Program Manager.  Our own Maggie Van Vossen, HIMSS Career Services Manager has been invaluable to this process as well supervising the entire venue.  The Baylor event promises to be one of education, motivation and inspiration.  Nurses will be able to build on their career portfolios as well as enhance their knowledge database of nursing informatics.  

We are realizing more and more that the role of nurses in support of healthcare IT is becoming invaluable; and nurses need the knowledge and skills to not only support the various government initiatives facing us all today, but also to better position the nursing profession in leadership roles in informatics in the years to come.  

HIMSS is likewise seeing the role of nurses becoming paramount in processes such as implementing information technologies, enhancing workflow processes and promoting patient care with an overall arching theme of yielding positive outcomes that improve patient care.  

The Baylor agenda is jam packed with information, guidance and career coaching and includes the following speakers and topics:

Session 1: Explore the MU Alphabet Soup
Liz Johnson, MS, FHIMSS, CPHIMS, RN-BC, VP, Applied Clinical Informatics, Tenet Health
Session 2: Informatics in Practice - Understanding the Usability Curve
Donna Montgomery, RN-BC, BSN, MBA, Baylor Health Care System, System Director of Nursing/Patient Care Informatics
Session 3: We've Come a Long Way Baby - TIGER
Sally Schlak, RN, MBA, Senior Director, TIGER Initiative
Session 4: Dialogue with Professional Panel
Session 5: The Future of Nursing and the Role of Informatics
Willa Fields, DNSc, RN, FHIMSS, Professor San Diego State University, School of Nursing

This program will also supply continuing nursing education credits along with continuing education (CE) hours for HIMSS CPHIMS.  Visit the website to register.

And stay tuned for more information as it becomes available and remember...Be passionate about your career path and strive to make a difference and learn, learn…learn.  Technology is only the enabler; individuals will be the “transformers” of health IT in the years to come!   


Helen Figge is Senior Director of Career Services at HIMSS.