45 Mind Blowing Digital Health Statistics and Trends

By Fred Pennic
09:01 AM

37. 103 digital health companies have each raised more than $2M in 2012 by Q3 2012

38. 10 % of digital health investors this year are new to healthcare

39. 128 VC firms invested in digital health in 2012

40. Majority of VC deals this year have been Series A or Series B investments

41. San Francisco & Boston represent 50% of all 2012 funding

42. The four largest deals in 2012 represent more than 20% of YTD funding

43. B2B businesses remain majority of funding, B2C grows slightly in 2012

44. 77% of digital health funding went to B2B models in 2011

Source: Rock Health Digital Health Q3 2012 Funding Report

45. 90% of patients want to self-manage their healthcare leveraging technology, such as accessing medical information, refilling prescriptions and booking appointments online, but nearly half 46% are unaware if their health records are available electronically.

The survey is based on an online survey of 1,110 U.S. patients to determine the preferred channels of electronic health information and services.

Source: Accenture

The upcoming third edition will be a deep dive into mHealth & teleealth statistics and trends as we prepare for 2013.


This post originally appeared at HIT Consultant.

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