45 Mind Blowing Digital Health Statistics and Trends

By Fred Pennic
09:01 AM

19. $4 Billion on health related video games

20. $8.9 Billion on resources rating MDs & hospitals

Source: Rock Health Business Models in Digital Health Consumer & Enterprise

Multi-Screen Consumption

21. According to recent study, the number of adults in the US (ages 18+) using mobile phones for health information grew from 61 million to 75 million this year, while tablet adoption nearly doubled from 15 million to 29 million.

22. 15 % of online consumers surveyed who own three devices and use at least one for a health activity

23. 60% are using all three screens to access health information.

24. Physicians with three screens (tablets, smartphones, and desktops/laptops) spend more time online on each device and go online more often during the workday than physicians with one or two screens

Source: Manhattan Research: Taking the Pulse US 2012

Patient Education

25. Results of survey healthcare extenders- non MD Healthcare professionals who work directly with and on behalf of patients to learn how they are using technology to educate patients

26. 69% use a PC for interacting with patients

27. 55% print out online materials to use with patients during a visit

28. 29% use email for communicating with patients between visits

29. 64% of healthcare extenders believe that technology has impacted the quality of interaction with patients

30. 44% deliver patient education through online video e.g. YouTube

Source: HealthEd Academy

31. 80% of Internet Users look online for health information

32. 20% search for health related content on mobile devices

33. 23% use social media to follow health experiences of friends

34. Health related Google searches are up 47% from last year

35. 81% of consumers click on a sponsored link when looking for health information

Source: Geocentric

Digital Health Startup Funding

36. From Q3 of last year, digital health VC funding has increase 70% in more money and 84% more in deals.

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