4 things coders need to know for 2016 other than ICD-10

By Carl Natale
07:54 AM

With two decades of coding behind here, much of that time spent as an ICD-10 consultant, Kristi Pollard has heard a lot of crazy questions.

Because of the mentoring work, she's happy to help. But there are some medical coding questions and statements that make Pollard cringe.

In her listing of cringe inducers, she offers some wisdom for medical coders.

1. Not all medical coders are suited for all medical coding. Figure out where you work best.

2. Research the job opportunities for each type of accreditation before investing in it. Learn where the demand is.

3. If you're shifting careers, you're going to have to pay your dues. That means an entry level job at entry level rates.

4. Paying your dues also means not expecting to get a remote coding gig. It is possible. But medical coders need to go where the work is ... even if that means commuting to an office. 

Pollard always has been excited about medical coding as a career. But success is not automatic.