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By VM Ware 12:00 pm October 02, 2017
In this webinar, CISO of RWJ Barnabas along with Intel and VMware will discuss the key areas of exposure and top 5 security strategies to combat the threat of ransomware.
By VM Ware 02:11 pm November 01, 2016
Hackers across the world are taking control of enterprise networks. This ebook examines six ways healthcare organizations can mitigate the ransomware threat while also improving security policies, processes, and technologies.
By VM Ware 02:07 pm November 01, 2016
The healthcare industry’s dependence on the availability and reliability of information can be a matter of life or death. This case study explores the potential impact mobile platforms have in facilitating patient involvement in the care process.
By VM Ware 02:04 pm November 01, 2016
As breaches, ransomware, and other threats to healthcare systems continue to cause headaches for IT professionals, software-defined solutions are providing the answer to improving patient care while also protecting sensitive data from cyber attacks.
By VM Ware 01:58 pm November 01, 2016
Through interviewing a C-Suite IT veteran at Parkland Health, this article outlines the impetus, challenges and creative strategy for improving upon outdated systems to successfully open an innovative healthcare facility.

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