By 09:13 am March 01, 2018
The new imperative for healthcare isn’t just engagement. It’s experience.
By 01:35 pm February 27, 2018
Forrest Carr, director of business innovation and digital experience for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, defines digital convergence and discusses how it differs from digital transformation as the new enterprise imperative, what that looks like for healthcare, what strategies can address challenges of convergence, and how to innovate toward desired...
CX in healthcare: It’s all about culture
By 05:45 pm February 25, 2018
Nancy Green, global practice lead for healthcare and life sciences at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, discusses how widening your view on patient experience will require new models and new thinking. She highlights the evolving focus on customer experience in healthcare, the role that voice-of-the-customer feedback plays in CX design and why...
An overdue look at simplifying security
By 05:23 pm February 24, 2018
John Loveland, global head of cyber security strategy and marketing for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, addresses the challenges across the enterprise with security program complexity and elusive ROI—what factors are making this difficult for healthcare organizations and why a growing focus on CX for healthcare consumers is increasing that...
By 09:40 am February 21, 2018
With more than a thousand security technologies and solutions on the market today, enterprise has been investing in an increasingly sophisticated set of defensive solutions—resulting in a monster stack of protocols and solutions that have added cost and complexity.
By 09:30 am February 13, 2018
The real challenge is digital convergence—the perfect storm of integration pressures that now exist on everything from network and security to patient engagement and data analytics.
By 03:13 pm February 20, 2017
A flexible, virtualized network can support the data demands created by the integration of IoT devices, thus enabling customer-experience solutions to leverage the data in meaningful ways.
By 01:26 pm February 11, 2017
IoT promises to make an impact that both drives clinical and financial benefits in the healthcare industry beyond consumer wearables.
By 10:56 am February 10, 2017
Adoption of high-bandwidth applications such as telemedicine and EMR/EHR infrastructure are driving the need for an efficient delivery of business critical applications.
By 07:51 am February 10, 2017
Patients are no different than any other customer, they want options.

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