By Validic 09:12 am August 23, 2016
Remote patient monitoring technology, which delivers patient-generated health data, can help improve the quality of care, particularly in the case of reducing readmissions.
By Validic 07:57 am August 09, 2016
Digital health technologies are providing pharma companies with actionable insights into the medication-taking behaviors of trial participants.
technology-enabled care solutions
By Validic 08:15 am July 28, 2016
Connected health - technology-enabled care solutions that facilitate communication between patients, providers and caregivers - is becoming more prevalent in the United States and spreading across the globe.
By Validic 07:26 am July 13, 2016
Engaging with patients through mobile or other means for preventive care measures helps healthcare providers improve clinical outcomes and control costs at a time of expanding physician shortage.
Ryan Beckland technology in healthcare
By Validic 09:53 am June 23, 2016
As part two of a four-part article series, CEO Ryan Beckland will detail the current trends in the healthcare industry, key drivers of those trends and how technology will be powering new models of care.
By Validic 12:39 pm June 07, 2016
Patient-generated health data is proving to be critical in the shift to value-based care.
By Validic 11:26 am May 31, 2016
By Marc Sebes, VP of Product Management
By Validic 11:37 am May 11, 2016
(SPONSORED) There is an unprecedented convergence occurring between healthcare and technology – and telemedicine is an increasingly important initiative in the connected health market.
By Validic 12:00 am April 19, 2016
(SPONSORED) The year ahead offers some promising trends—and optimizing the full potential of digital health will be the key to real progress.
By Validic 10:16 am April 05, 2016
(SPONSORED) As the second installment of the two-part series on digital health's impact on pharma, CEO Ryan Beckland addresses remote patient monitoring and patient-generated health data.

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