By Unisys 10:00 pm May 09, 2018
Attacks on medical devices and medical infrastructure are increasing much faster than cyber attacks overall, because the market value for medical information is 10 to 20 times that of other personal or financial information. The attack surface is huge and growing. There’s a growing number of connected medical devices with their own operating...
By Unisys 01:00 pm November 09, 2017
Your medical devices are critical assets in your facility and a dedicated asset management solution might seem like a very sound investment. Try building a business case around it and you will realize it is not as simple as that. The problem is medical device management is not just about asset management - there are several other equal critical...
By Unisys 02:00 pm September 20, 2017
Healthcare organizations are waking up to the reality that legacy medical devices are vulnerable entry points into their IT networks and an integrated approach to medical device management is necessary now, more than ever. We will discuss the integration of device management and security across their life cycle.
By Unisys 02:47 pm April 04, 2017
Medical devices pervade healthcare and have revolutionized patient care. This comes with the challenges to protect patients and healthcare institutions data from cybercrime while ensuring and improving compliance over the entire device ecosystem.
By Unisys 10:08 am March 13, 2017
Secure and manage the medical devices in your ecosystem, stay compliant to FDA regulations and achieve seamless integration with OEMs, all with one secure and intuitive platform.
By Unisys 10:04 am March 13, 2017
Drive proactive management of all your medical devices in an enterprise using one view and source of information. Secure your devices and the patients using them and facilitate compliance to FDA norms.

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