Stephanie Bouchard

Stephanie Bouchard is contributing editor at HIMSS Media. She was formerly the managing editor of Healthcare Finance News.

By Stephanie Bouchard 05:33 am April 10, 2015
(SPONSORED) Healthcare organizations throughout the US are striving to engage patients in their care. A recent survey suggests that even though these organizations are embracing the concept of patient engagement, their leaders aren't certain that current efforts are fulfilling the vision.
By Stephanie Bouchard 10:52 am April 02, 2015
(SPONSORED) Joel Ryba discusses how HIE can improve population health.
By Stephanie Bouchard 08:15 am April 02, 2015
(SPONSORED) The wireless network is an essential element of health IT infrastructure that carries far more traffic, and more types of traffic, than ever before, especially with the increased adoption of mobile technology and EHRs.
Docs looking at radiology images
By Stephanie Bouchard 12:05 pm March 31, 2015
(SPONSORED) Michael J. Gray of Hyland Software talks important elements for VNAs, the vendor/organization relationship and challenges to overcome.
Doc holding stack of papers
By Stephanie Bouchard 10:01 am March 31, 2015
(SPONSORED) Hyland Software's Susan deCathelineau, MS, RHIA, details the benefits of clinical content solutions.
Data center
By Stephanie Bouchard 09:56 am March 30, 2015
(SPONSORED) Michelle Maly of Hyland Software talks about the impacts of clinical content solutions on healthcare organizations.
Padlock and computer code
By Stephanie Bouchard 08:12 am March 30, 2015
(SPONSORED) As connected care becomes the norm in healthcare, security threats strike fear into all healthcare organizations. Protecting data requires a comprehensive system of practices, policies and solutions designed to protect data at rest and in motion.
Tablet and stethoscope
By Stephanie Bouchard 08:08 am March 25, 2015
(SPONSORED) Point-of-care technology is the key to providing patient care and efficient workflows. PC Connection, Inc. has the experts and services to ensure that you have the right devices and technology to provide excellent care.
Shaking hands
By Stephanie Bouchard 01:37 pm March 24, 2015
(SPONSORED) Mergers and acquisitions are never easy; getting disparate information systems to work together can be a nightmare. That's why having an IT system integration strategy is crucial.
By Stephanie Bouchard 12:45 pm March 24, 2015
(SPONSORED) Healthcare providers are financially responsible for at-risk patients. Once these patients are discharged, providers lose contact with them until they return to the ER. Home monitoring coupled with a predictive analytics model helps providers intervene before patients return to the hospital.

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