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By 11:42 am August 04, 2020
Top among the digital solutions that can help clinicians expedite the delivery of cancer care are AI-powered decision support systems.  

Credit: Siemens Healthineers

By 05:40 am July 23, 2020
Telehealth introduces a new approach to shared clinical decision making, facilitates trusted cooperation and patient engagement. For Siemens Healthineers, the COVID-19 pandemic sheds new light on digital solutions in value-based healthcare.
Surgeons looking at display
By 09:00 am July 20, 2020
AI can help imaging centers manage the expected increase in post-COVID-19 imaging services.
By 09:02 am July 14, 2020
Activated and engaged patients are more likely to follow their treatment plans – and this could be a major benefit for healthcare providers as the use of telehealth tools continues to rise in the wake of the pandemic.
By 07:35 am February 16, 2018
As a society, we can and are collecting data in many ways. The question is not how to get more data, but how to use it effectively?
By Siemens 02:58 pm January 29, 2014
Sheila Nielsen, Director of the Project Management Office in IT at MaineGeneral Health, and LeAnn Kaufman, Revenue Cycle Administrative Director for the Revenue Cycle Administrative Office at MaineGeneral Health, discuss the "one application, one technology" approach to replacing its multiple revenue cycle systems.
By Siemens 02:48 pm January 29, 2014
Steven C. Linn, MD, MPh, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Inspira Health Network, discusses the challenges of population and care management and how strategic use of technology can help deliver to clinicians the right care to the right patient and patient population at the right time.
By Siemens 02:38 pm January 29, 2014
John Glaser, Ph.D., CEO of the Health Services Business Unit of Siemens Healthcare, shares his views about new paradigms on reimbursement, transparency and patient centricity for driving healthcare providers to deploy innovative technologies.

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