Scott Tharler

Scott Tharler (a.k.a. The Gadget Concierge) writes, speaks and consults about personal and health technology. Follow him on Twitter: @HCITwriter

Social media smartphone
By Scott Tharler 07:04 am January 12, 2016
Participants in the influential group of health IT socializers share their best advice and insights about harnessing the power of social networks.
Barnum & Bailey poster
By Scott Tharler 07:41 am April 10, 2015
In addition to sitting on several boards, the entrepreneur and HIMSS15 Social Media Ambassador volunteers at hospitals working with a renowned clown troupe.
Steth with USB on keyboard
By Scott Tharler 12:57 pm April 09, 2015
The man behind the #HIT100 list shares ideas about the role of vendors and meaningful use in the quest for interoperability.
Man holding app icons
By Scott Tharler 08:07 am April 07, 2015
The HIMSS15 Social Media Ambassador discusses his methods for evaluating technological innovation, the reality that clinicians are not afraid of technology, and what doesn't work so well in healthcare.
By Scott Tharler 08:03 am March 25, 2015
The HIMSS15 Social Media Ambassador cut her teeth on health IT in England during late 1980s, where she got a glimpse of what we now call the Triple Aim.
tennis racket
By Scott Tharler 08:06 am March 16, 2015
The HIMSS15 Social Media Ambassador says we know where health technologies are headed by looking at other industries.
By Scott Tharler 08:09 am March 02, 2015
The workflow superhero reveals his origin story, techy side projects and vision for health IT's future.
innovation illustration on chalkboard
By Scott Tharler 07:59 am February 23, 2015
The self-professed "disruptive innovation geek" lauds the HIT community, laments the state of patient-centered care and reflects on time spent in telecom.
Doctor viewing large screen with patient data
By Scott Tharler 01:39 pm February 17, 2015
The SaaS vendor has been busy aligning with healthcare partners, adding analytics to its quiver and fostering a developer program for wearables.
By Scott Tharler 08:06 am February 17, 2015
The Oregonian talks hacky sacks, standards and the one technology realm where the healthcare industry is on the vanguard.

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