Rosy Matheson

By Rosy Matheson 01:51 pm March 27, 2020
The Open Data Institute Leeds, NHS Digital and Beautiful Information have just run their first “Open Data Saves Lives” hackathon in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
By Rosy Matheson 05:38 am January 16, 2020
A newly-announced collaboration between two key players in the field seems to point to signs of change.
By Rosy Matheson 03:14 am October 25, 2019
Data experts at a Kent NHS trust at the heart of the NHS digital revolution have signed up at least 30 NHS trusts for their award-winning solutions to improve patient care. 
Nurse sorting through digital records.
By Rosy Matheson 12:21 pm November 06, 2018
If you think the digitisation of nursing is just about nurses filling out scores on a mobile device, it’s time to think again because artificial intelligence (AI) could be about to revolutionise the way nurses do their jobs.

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