Rick Kam

Rick Kam, CIPP/US, is president and co-founder of ID Experts.

By Rick Kam 09:24 am March 06, 2012
Healthcare organizations need help to evaluate the value of the protected health information (PHI) they are entrusted with so they make a business case for increasing their investments in security and privacy initiatives to safeguard it.
By Rick Kam 09:52 am February 08, 2012
Real-world examples of medical identify theft: What it is, why you should care and 3 ways healthcare entities can protect their patients against such criminal activity.
By Rick Kam 09:17 am January 06, 2012
With cloud computing on the rise and mobile devices proliferating, look for more data breaches, and with a bigger impact than year's past.
By Rick Kam 10:17 am December 22, 2011
2011 saw a lot more in the health data privacy and security realm: more massive-scale breaches, more mobile devices, greater patient awareness, more PHI in the cloud. What's next? More audits and policing.
By Rick Kam 02:17 pm October 30, 2011
In the final installment of our OCR data breach investigation series, Rick Kam and Christine Arevalo share tips on building a "culture of compliance."
By Rick Kam 10:00 am October 24, 2011
In part 3 of our series, Rick Kam and Christine Arevalo concentrate on how to handle a data breach response.
By Rick Kam 09:18 am October 17, 2011
In part 2 of our series, Rick Kam and Christine Arevalo share tactics for action that could lead to a positive outcome.
By Rick Kam 09:57 am October 10, 2011
How to make the Office of Civil Rights investigator your most valuable asset during an audit.

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