Rick Kam

Rick Kam, CIPP/US, is president and co-founder of ID Experts.

By Rick Kam 12:15 pm April 08, 2014
Tips for assessing and handling privacy and security issues, including elements to track and ways to with measure processes that gauge success.
By Rick Kam 08:07 am February 12, 2014
Healthcare organizations can learn valuable lessons from the Target data breach -- lessons that protect patients and other vulnerable people.
By Rick Kam 08:03 am December 20, 2013
Fraud is skyrocketing and these instances demonstrate just how ruthless some criminals are, even making patients sicker just to bilk Medicare out of millions.
By Rick Kam 08:04 am December 03, 2013
Whether Healthcare.gov or the state exchanges, the key is for every organization involved to understand its own risks and close the security gaps.
By Rick Kam 08:37 am October 11, 2013
Digitization of the healthcare system, at least in the near-term, is making the crime easier than ever before. And a new study uncovers alarming facts about just who is committing medical ID theft.
By Rick Kam 06:51 am September 20, 2013
Business Associates no longer have the luxury of time. They need to immediately assess their relationships with healthcare-related organizations and take key steps to ensure compliance with HIPAA's new rules.
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By Rick Kam 08:48 am August 14, 2013
Healthcare organizations need to plan for security in the transmission, storage, and use of potentially massive amounts and new kinds of data that devices such as Google Glass will create, and that includes educating patients that data thieves may be lurking behind free health applications.
By Rick Kam 08:04 am July 16, 2013
Drawing on a decade's worth of data breaches, Rick Kam makes the case for more effectively managing the associated risks at all levels, from the data center to customer-facing functions.
By Rick Kam 08:25 am June 17, 2013
A recent panel provided valuable insights on the nature of medical identity theft, common causes of breaches, and ways to combat the crime.
By Rick Kam 09:27 am May 13, 2013
Data breaches are a fact of life. That's exactly why managing risk is so critical to healthcare organizations' ongoing privacy and security efforts.

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