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By Rebecca McBeth 02:53 am July 17, 2019
Capital and Coast District Health Board (DHB) in New Zealand is piloting the Resident Guide app for onboarding junior doctors.

Credit: Ryman Healthcare

By Rebecca McBeth 11:50 pm June 30, 2019
Aged-care provider Ryman Healthcare in New Zealand has built its own electronic care planning system that runs on 3,500 tablets deployed in residents’ rooms across its residential aged-care villages.
By Rebecca McBeth 03:50 am June 19, 2019
MidCentral District Health Board (DHB) has published one of New Zealand’s first district-wide digital health strategies.
By Rebecca McBeth 11:13 pm June 05, 2019
In New Zealand, fourteen percent of general practicioners with a portal are offering patients online access to their medical notes.

Ministry of Health deputy director data and digital Shayne Hunter speaking at Emerging Tech in Health 2019. Credit:

By Rebecca McBeth 05:43 am May 27, 2019
New Zealand’s Ministry of Health is going to Cabinet this June to get approval to develop a detailed business case for a national Health Information Platform.
By Rebecca McBeth 12:19 am May 13, 2019
New Zealand’s Ministry of Health will provide access to two core national systems - the National Health Index (NHI) and Health Practitioner Index (
By Rebecca McBeth 02:58 am May 03, 2019
Pinnacle Ventures has launched a pharmacogenomics programme to enable genetic testing to drive personalised prescribing decisions.

Image: Dental/Oral Health Therapist Kirstie Culpan using an intraoral camera so Dentist Ellen Clark (pictured on the monitor) can view and examine a patient's teeth. Credit: Northland DHB

By Rebecca McBeth 02:48 am April 08, 2019
New Zealand’s Northland District Health Board (DHB) is trialling an oral telehealth service for children and adolescents with plans to expand it to adult services over time.
By Rebecca McBeth 04:13 am April 03, 2019
Telehealth is increasingly being used to connect clinicians within and between New Zealand’s hospitals and to reach into people’s homes, a new survey revealed.
By Rebecca McBeth 01:50 am March 25, 2019
Unsigned prescriptions are now legal when created with an electronic system that is integrated with the New Zealand e-Prescription Service (NZePS

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