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By Piers Ford 03:54 am August 05, 2020
Hospital executive minds have understandably been distracted since the start of 2020, but the impact of the emergence of SarsCoV2 has not been limited to its physical toll. It has also torn into data security defences and exposed patient privacy, as explored in the latest issue of HIMSS Insights.
By Piers Ford 02:32 am May 28, 2020
The round-the-clock response of the NHS’s internal and external digital health community to COVID-19 has been more than impressive. But the ad hoc and rapid arrival of so many new applications also raises concerns about compliance and standardisation – and the role of the very unit that is supposed to be directing the operation.

Top row: left to right - Bernardo Mariano Jr, WHO, Pravene Nath, Roche, Benedict Tan, Singapore Health Services. Bottom row: left to right - Päivi Sillanaukee, Finnish ministry of social affairs and health, Hal Wolf, HIMSS.

By Piers Ford 10:11 am May 22, 2020
Learning from the pandemic quickly, in order to take the digital health standard forward globally, was the sentiment voiced by leading stakeholders in a recent World Health Assembly virtual panel hosted by HIMSS.
By Piers Ford 07:56 am May 01, 2020
The HIMSS chief clinical officer says technology can be used more effectively to plan for healthcare provision in a second wave of the pandemic and beyond – and that we should not shy away from a proper discussion about the role data is set to play.
By Piers Ford 02:17 am April 27, 2020
A new tool from Draper & Dash exploits global, national and local data to help hospitals to plan more effectively for their own COVID-19 peaks – and prepare for the long-term impact of the pandemic.

Credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

By Piers Ford 05:35 am April 08, 2020
While European governments look to digital health technology for ways to speed up their containment strategies, the long-term view is that the COVID-19 emergency will generate new approaches to sharing healthcare data once the pandemic has passed.

Two years after the EU implemented its GDPR, discussions about privacy in healthcare have gathered momentum around the globe, not least in the US.

By Piers Ford 12:33 pm March 10, 2020
As state and federal legislation in the US and elsewhere tries to catch up with the digital health economy, the patient at the center of that economy might struggle to know just how private their data actually is.
By Piers Ford 05:08 am February 03, 2020
Former NHSX digital development director Sam Shah is set to play a key role in advancing UK interests in healthcare technology on the global stage.
By Piers Ford 05:00 am December 27, 2019
The monetisation of patient data is set to be one of the biggest drivers of new business models across the healthcare landscape – and ownership of that data can give patients the power to shape the kind of healthcare they want.

Outgoing NHSX director of digital development Dr Sam Shah has been ranked fourth in the #IB100, a list of the top 100 most influential BAME leaders in the tech sector. 

By Piers Ford 06:38 am November 13, 2019
Outgoing NHSX director of digital development Dr Sam Shah has been ranked fourth in the #IB100, a list of the top 100 most influential black, asian and minority ethnic (BAME) leaders in the tech sector produced by executive search agency Inclusive Boards in partnership with the Financial Times.

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