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Two years after the EU implemented its GDPR, discussions about privacy in healthcare have gathered momentum around the globe, not least in the US.

By Piers Ford 12:33 pm March 10, 2020
As state and federal legislation in the US and elsewhere tries to catch up with the digital health economy, the patient at the center of that economy might struggle to know just how private their data actually is.
By Piers Ford 05:08 am February 03, 2020
Former NHSX digital development director Sam Shah is set to play a key role in advancing UK interests in healthcare technology on the global stage.
By Piers Ford 05:00 am December 27, 2019
The monetisation of patient data is set to be one of the biggest drivers of new business models across the healthcare landscape – and ownership of that data can give patients the power to shape the kind of healthcare they want.

Outgoing NHSX director of digital development Dr Sam Shah has been ranked fourth in the #IB100, a list of the top 100 most influential BAME leaders in the tech sector. 

By Piers Ford 06:38 am November 13, 2019
Outgoing NHSX director of digital development Dr Sam Shah has been ranked fourth in the #IB100, a list of the top 100 most influential black, asian and minority ethnic (BAME) leaders in the tech sector produced by executive search agency Inclusive Boards in partnership with the Financial Times.
By Piers Ford 06:44 am October 23, 2019
A consortium-led project aims to take the concept of robotic colleagues for healthcare professionals to the next level, helping to address the emerging elderly care crisis in Europe created by staff shortages and an ageing population.
By Piers Ford 10:57 am October 08, 2019
Ransomware and denial-of-service attacks make headlines when it comes to hospital cybersecurity, but internal cultural and technological vulnerabilities are often more to blame for an ongoing cycle of healthcare data breaches. 
By Piers Ford 07:24 am June 10, 2019
A centralised digital pathology system implemented by the Northern Cancer Alliance is set to speed up cancer diagnosis for patients at nine hospitals by giving clinicians a single view of records and slides, regardless of location.
By Piers Ford 09:01 am June 04, 2019
Closer dialogue between national and local bodies is essential if the national policy for NHS technology, digital and data is to achieve its priority of a digital NHS, according to a new report that explores the opportunities for digital transformation following the creation of NHSX.
By Piers Ford 03:06 am May 15, 2019
King’s College London and NVIDIA are collaborating on a new platform that will broaden the scope of AI in NHS hospital radiology services across the UK.
European Commission
By Piers Ford 04:32 am April 23, 2019
The eHealth Network’s drive to enable cross-border prescription and patient summary sharing has stepped up a level as Croatia joins Finland, Estonia, Luxembourg and Czechia in the first tranche of participants.

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