Philipp Grätzel von Grätz

By Philipp Grätzel von Grätz 08:40 am April 26, 2019
HIMSS Insights speaks to Mikel Hernaez, director of computational genomics at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois.
Patient empowerment
By Philipp Grätzel von Grätz 03:08 am March 01, 2019
Integrated care and interoperability is complex if it has to be managed by experts. It becomes pretty easy once you let the patient have a say, according to Philipp Grätzel von Grätz, editorial director of HIMSS Insights.

Source: Sheba Medical Center

By Philipp Grätzel von Grätz 11:59 am February 12, 2019
After introducing the Accelerate-Redesign-Collaborate strategy two years ago, Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest hospital, has become a serial producer of digital innovations.  
By Philipp Grätzel von Grätz 03:31 am January 02, 2019
Wherever you go in Europe, AI is already there. In November 2018, the German government announced its national AI strategy, a draft of which had been published in the summer of 2018 already.
By Philipp Grätzel von Grätz 01:07 pm August 14, 2012
Cloud-based clinical information systems are becoming increasingly attractive for clinicians, hospital administrations and CIOs.

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