Peter Buxbaum

By Peter Buxbaum 12:04 pm June 02, 2011
It's not here yet, but the United States military has plans to perfect technology that would enable combat medics to dictate treatment notes for casualties on the battlefield – and have those end up as structured data and narrative information in fighters' electronic medical records.
By Peter Buxbaum 11:40 am February 16, 2011
Despite the overall trend to cut fiscal 2012 government budgets, the Veterans Affairs' IT funding gets a big push from the Obama Administration
By Peter Buxbaum 07:59 am January 27, 2011
Army's MC4 group is conducting R&D into applications for smartphones and other mobile devices when they are fielded to soldiers.
By Peter Buxbaum 11:22 am January 19, 2011
Army's psychiatrists resistant to new video technology, but those who have tried it like the reach it gives them to soldiers in the field
By Peter Buxbaum 02:15 am January 01, 2011
The National Coordinator issues a call for vendors to help providers in minority communities adopt electronic health record systems, but so far the response is muted.
By Peter Buxbaum 10:48 am December 10, 2010
The Army is testing a range of commercial mobile devices to carry the military's electronic medical records applications.
By Peter Buxbaum 12:25 pm November 19, 2010
The Department of Veterans Affairs capitalizes on a stable patient population and its healthcare mission to strengthen U.S. disease detection and prevention.
By Peter Buxbaum 01:51 pm November 05, 2010
Veterans Affairs capitalizes on its stable patient population and healthcare mission to strengthen U.S. disease tracking.
By Peter Buxbaum 02:43 pm November 01, 2010
Veterans Affairs capitalizes on its stable patient population and health care mission to strengthen U.S. disease detection.
By Peter Buxbaum 02:37 pm November 01, 2010
The Veterans and Defense departments open first-ever joint medical center, a model for future military health record system integration.

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