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CIOs and docs in meeting
By Pamela Dixon 08:57 am January 06, 2015
While healthcare chief information officers have been taking on more and more responsibility, staff and budgets in recent years, many have argued that their strategic capabilities are under-utilized. A new survey from SSi-SEARCH finds greater strategic alignment coming to the role of the CIO.
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By Pamela Dixon 10:29 am December 29, 2014
Retained, executive search firm, SSi-SEARCH, reveals new findings in its 2014 annual CIO survey results, designed to capture insights on how the CIO role is evolving. Among the findings: A growing workload and continued rapid change.
By Pamela Dixon 10:09 am December 23, 2014
The role of the healthcare chief information officer is evolving rapidly, according to the annual CIO survey by executive search firm SSI-SEARCH. Its results show an increase in the number of female CIOs, more professionals earning advanced degrees and changes in compensation.
Top 3 skills healthcare leaders need now
By Pamela Dixon 06:45 am March 13, 2014
One thing became clear in 2013: All leaders across the health system have been challenged to keep pace with change, and the best of them have been driving change. In a year of active mergers and acquisitions, many healthcare organizations need leadership that can facilitate change across complex organizations.
By Pamela Dixon 12:00 am February 15, 2014
Most of our clients voiced a need for leadership that can facilitate change faster. We took note that all key leadership roles were under pressure, from the chief information officer to the chief executive officer.
By Pamela Dixon 12:00 am April 28, 2013
The pressure to innovate is on as healthcare looks at how to meet the new business demands of moving to pay for performance and quality measures. Part of that process may be the retooling of the Health IT leadership team.

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