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Oracle race car
By Nathan Eddy 10:27 am February 20, 2019
The integrated service will pinpoint high performing sites for conducting clinical trials, the companies said.
Kaiser Permanente building
By Nathan Eddy 11:20 am February 19, 2019
The school is designed to teach students how to use technology to deliver high-quality care in new and collaborative ways.

MyPath surveys patients to inform caregivers about changing symptoms and needs. Credit: Christopher Moore, Georgia Tech. 

By Nathan Eddy 10:36 am February 19, 2019
The software delivers personalized advice based on diagnosis, treatment, insurance, and more.
By Nathan Eddy 10:13 am February 19, 2019
Intel gives glimpse inside its Connected Care health plans that saved 17% per month. 
By Nathan Eddy 01:38 pm February 18, 2019
Payer, health system sign on of the group driving collaboration between providers, health insurers and patients.
By Nathan Eddy 12:56 pm February 18, 2019
A report says the social network’s handling of personal health information put its users' health at risk. 
By Nathan Eddy 10:19 am February 14, 2019
New arrangement to pair specific roles in TigerConnect with OpenTempo’s scheduling capabilities.
By Nathan Eddy 09:54 pm February 12, 2019
Health systems are set to focus on declining reimbursements and patient experience, a new study found.
By Nathan Eddy 09:45 pm February 12, 2019
PHI puts healthcare organizations at more risk than others, security vendor Proofpoint found in new research.
Bitfury, Longenesis, MDW bring blockchain to radiology marketplace
By Nathan Eddy 11:35 am February 12, 2019
The updated infrastructure offers baked-in data anonymization as well as advanced encryption and user permissioning, built on Bitfury’s Exonum private blockchain framework.

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