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By Nancy zz_Ferris 01:13 pm December 04, 2008
The health-care reform mobilization taking shape will include online videos, blogs and e-mail alerts as well as traditional public forums, the Washington Post reports.
By Nancy zz_Ferris 04:01 pm December 03, 2008
To get permission for implementing a new system, hospitals must agree to ensure it can be connected to the state's health information network.
By Nancy zz_Ferris 12:57 pm November 26, 2008
A workgroup is formed to set priorities for e-health records that will meet the needs of clinical researchers.
By Nancy zz_Ferris 10:02 am November 24, 2008
In a recent book, the likely HHS chief endorses government backing for a health information infrastructure.
By Nancy zz_Ferris 10:48 am November 21, 2008
Begun in 2003 and under redesign since 2007, BioSense lacks detailed plans and reliable cost projections, the auditors say.
By Nancy zz_Ferris 08:43 am November 20, 2008
The Indiana Health Information Exchange gathers data from multiple sources and delivers it to doctors to improve care.
By Nancy zz_Ferris 08:26 am November 19, 2008
Open architecture will enable easier exchange of medical data and information, company officials say.
By Nancy zz_Ferris 03:03 pm November 13, 2008
Some aspects of NHIN remain elusive, including how to integrate new players and govern its operations.
By Nancy zz_Ferris 08:04 am November 13, 2008
AHIC panel recommends creation of templates that could reduce redundant reporting of treatment-related information.
By Nancy zz_Ferris 03:56 pm November 12, 2008
Researchers find only 2 percent of hospitals have comprehensive EHRs throughout their departments.

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