Nancy Ferris

By Nancy Ferris 11:34 am June 11, 2010
HHS forms 'tiger team' to tackle how to protect privacy of health records across multiple network hand-offs.
By Nancy Ferris 05:58 pm May 26, 2010
The Office of the National Coordinator will award 11 contracts to develop XML-based information sharing framework.
By Nancy Ferris 05:37 pm May 19, 2010
Policymakers will turn to issues that arise at the intersection of state and federal health IT systems.
By Nancy Ferris 12:01 pm March 10, 2010
Federal health IT planners look to simplify access to the nationwide health information network to accommodate a horde of new healthcare users.
By Nancy Ferris 01:59 pm March 25, 2009
Fewer than eight percent of U.S. hospitals have EHRs in even one department, researchers report.
By Nancy Ferris 10:45 am March 18, 2009
Rapid learning network would close some gaps in medical knowledge and cut costs, backers say.
By Nancy Ferris 01:51 pm March 16, 2009
Consulting firm predicts 75 percent adoption of e-prescribing by 2014.
By Nancy Ferris 09:28 am March 11, 2009
Washington event showcases successes and reasons to be wary.
By Nancy Ferris 09:15 am March 10, 2009
Federal incentive payments by no means cover the costs of health IT adoption, Avalere Health study finds.
By Nancy Ferris 08:50 am March 05, 2009
Multi-state group urges automated solution to figuring out what state laws and rules apply for transactions across state lines.

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